scheda a cura di Ferdinando Dubla- traduzione di Rossana Spinelli

- Invoking the memory of Chairman Mao here today means not only defending the basic interest of the proletariat worldover, and of oppressed nations and peoples everywhere. It also means defending the entire body of marxism and leninism, erecting an impenetrable steel barrier against modern revisionism safeguarding the legacy built up over twenty-five years of international-scale struggle against modern revisionism, protecting the very existence of new marxist-leninist parties, and advancing the revolution and the socialism throughout the world.
The fact that we still harken back to Mao, the revolution and socialism even today while others have ignominiously lowered these invincible banners, doesn't mean that we are pining away for a man and an ideal that have vanished together. On the contrary, it simply distinguished us as the advance-guards in Italy for all those who believed, and still believe, in the immortal ideas of socialism, communism and the path of the October Revolution. We are not unaware of new ideological and political developments on the revolutionary front. But for now, we adhere only to the principles of proletarian revolution that Chairman Mao contributed to the scientific theory of revolution set down by Marx, Engels and Lenin.

- In particular, Mao's thought is essential and irreplaceable for the socialist revolution and the establishment of socialism. Toghether with the thoery of the uninterrupted revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat and the practical experience of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, they arm the working class with new, fundamental tools for defending and developing socialism in the face of revisionist and counterrevolutionary attempts to restore capitalism.

- The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution it was a majestic moment that is rare in the annals of history; an event that has many parallels whit the October Revolution. The East wind prevailed over the West wind, abd class struggle was raging everywhere. The armed struggle of the Third World countries assumed a new vigor and impetus, and the West erupted like a flaming volcano. In France, the capitalist regime was on the brink of collapse, and in our country, the great season of struggle (1968/69) exploded, shaking the foundations of the capitalist Establishment and leaving its indeliable mark on a whole generation. Young people, wide-open to the new and progressive, were riveted by Mao's thought and it quickly became their war cry. The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution exploded and Mao's thought burst into the international arena, they vividly brought marxism-leninism back into the limelight. They provoked a great thirst, especially in the young and intellectuals, to know it and a true desire to use it in their struggle.
When the communists begin to tread heavily on the corns of the bourgeoisie, their lackeys whine to high heaven in an attempt to protect their masters. The revisionists can slander and repudiate the great proletarian leaders as much as they want, but they will never be able to wipe out their thought or accomplishments. As long as one oppressed or exploited person remains on this earth, their thought will stay bright as a beacon, illuminating the path to freedom, social justice, emancipation and peace.

We follow it in supporting:

- acrossthe-board pay raises and increased pensions for workers
- full employment
- 35-hour work weeks
- reduced worker's categories
- equalization of work contracts, the right to decent housing
- the right to rents that are truly equitable and in proportion to a worker's income
- completely free health care for workers and retired persons
- general social services that will really free women from their domestic and family bondage
- complete economic, political, legal and social equality between men and women
- the reinstatement of the cost of living increase for severance pay
- the right to study for children of workers and all other claims - no matter how seemingly insignificant - proposed by the masses.

We are aware of the fact that the path to socialism is not strewn whit roses. But we're not afraid to face the trials and tribulations waiting for us during our long march because we're motivated by the same will-power and revolutionary spirit that giuded the last of the great leaders of the proletariat:
"We must let ourselves be embued whit the great, sublime aspirations of the proletariat, dare to blaze new, unexplored trails and climb as-yet unscaled heights".

[Mao, 1962]

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