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What is Red Line?

The party 'Red Line' speaks to those workers for whom becoming educated means developing in themselves a socialist consciousness (Mao),
The party thus wishes to encourage the growth of comrades who, as a recognized vanguard, are developing a modern revolutionary process: the 'refoundation' of a communist party made up of organized comrades, following the true line of the masses and the prevailing of the 'red line' (coherence of values, and of strategy and tactics) in the dialectic of the class struggle, internal and external to the party of the proletariat.
The party is opposed to the 'black line': opportunistic, bureaucratic and sectarian awaitism; the infiltration of the ideology of the bourgeois classes into the party of the working class; and dogmatism and sectarianism in the working-class movement (Lenin)

The newspaper 'Il Partito' (The Party) was from 1968 to 1973, the official bulletin of the Central Committee of the PCd'I, the Communist Party of Italy (Marxist-Leninist): RED LINE.
Today, Il Partito is the publication of marxism and leninism for the 'Pietro Secchia' section Communist of Leporano (Taranto-Italy).

LENIN' biography
MAO ZEDONG' biography and his history
'On the question if the marxism-leninism is or no surpassed' (it is excerpt from the 'The Daily paper of the People' of Pechino -december 31 1962)

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